Bhutanese American Association of Houston

Bhutanese American Association of Houston (BAAH)

6666 Harwin Dr. Suite 260 Houston, TX 77036
Ph. 713-773-2045, Fax. 713-995-4622



The Organization is solely dedicated for building up of a strong community were all people and families have access to quality housing, health care, jobs and education.So far Bhutanese American Association of Houston (BaaH) has always been true to its mission, values, and purpose of helping persons grow in spirits, mind and body. It has been a place where people can find hope, fellowship and counseling.

BaaH has always worked to bring about a meaningful changes through individuals by providing the day to day resources of our community's needs by focusing in child welfare, education, employment, housing and hospitals. Its only possible through the support of our well-wishers and volunteers, public and private donors that we will be able to serve our community. When you help us at BaaH you are playing an active role in bringing changes in your own community.


Telephone-Operator-ServicesWe welcome interested and qualified people to come work with us.


donate Your gift helps us bring hope to many in need throughout our community.


involved There are so many ways to volunteer. Click here to find out.


educate We fulfill our responsibility to those who suffer by seeking justice and doing good to them.


informedRead the latest information about all our work and latest news. Contact information is also available.