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Lyric Musical Instrument Development Co., Ltd.

Lyric Musical Instrument Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which studies, develops, manufactures and sells all kinds of guitars, and it is the production base of Lyric brand guitars. We adhere to scientific and technological innovation, so the professional and technical level among the best. Its products are full of variety and large scale. Our company has advanced management concept and unique business model, and it has a lot of skilled and experienced staff in the instrument manufacturing industry.

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar does not mean that it can only play classical music, different styles of music can play classical guitar.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar has a very important position in modern music for a strong expression, and is mostly used for song accompaniment.

Ukulele Guitar

Ukulele guitar is a four-string plectrum instrument, and it can be ensemble, ensemble, solo, performance tricks are numerous.

Customer Feedback

  • Customer 1

    The service of this company is very good, very sincere and patient, the packing and transportation is good. The guitars are exquisite and beautiful, and its sound quality is very good.

    Grace Allen


  • Customer 2

    Through the recommendation of a friend, we bought a large number of guitars from this company. The products have a high cost performance, beautiful appearance, quality assurance.

    Thomas Carl



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